Sunday, November 13, 2011

How it works...

This blog interfaces with Raising Sand  and presents details of Operable Units /Sites from the Alameda Point map illustrated on that site.
As some point - when 'person-power' (volunteers) and finances (donations) coincide Raising Sand and this blog will fuse into one coherent content-managed website with a database. At that time, Raising Sand will present information, photos, new media, and data in one handy-to-access - site benefiting the City of Alameda as well as researchers seeking up-to-date information about the cleanup.
Look for data - current and historical - about the clean up and celebrate the hard and effective work done by members of our community who have served on the RAB for many years. It is our hope that we can encourage City Councilmembers to recognize these members' work and to reference it when making decisions about Alameda Point.
Learn more about the history of Alameda Point >

Meanwhile, below you can listen to the 30 min audio interview with RAB member George Humphreys.